Sunday, January 6, 2008

An Encounter with Vios

Last night, I was driving my new car alone. Its an auto car and its raining heavily!! Since I had been driving manual car all this while, I was trembling when driving the new auto car. Maybe I am too use to be a passenger not a driver. Along the journey back which took about 20 minutes, I still put my hand on the gear, trying to change gear. I still used both of my legs, one of brake, the other on accelerator pedal (I used to put my foot on clutch). I kept praying that both my car and I will reach home save and sound. huu....God answered my prayer.
Anyway, I think I will be doing well after some times. I have to master my fear of driving an auto car. JIA YOU!!


Amanda said...

i got the same prob when i started with my avanza.. haha..
but i got the better of it lah.. hihi
& later when u come back you might even have problem driving a manual car.. I know I still have the problem when I switch to driving my mum's
But no problemo.. it'll get better .. it always does..

Josephine said...

I had an experience when I 'had' to drive a manual car after driving the auto car after some times, the engine straight away, I wonder y, only then i realize, I forgot about the clutch!! :P

haha... Gambateh, my fren.

Ooops..Welcome to blogspot's sphere

Moo Moo Cow said...

It's easier to switch from manual car to auto car...after a few weeks, u will get used and love to drive auto car. :D