Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Read one of my friend's blog about colleagueship and friendship. Colleagues can be good friends. Evidence is supplied above. We are a bunch of ex-colleagues cum friends. Although we didnt see each other frequently, we keep in touch through blog or sms. For me, there is no specific requirement on friends, as long as we can get along well. What do you think?

God's Grace is Sufficient

I have been in Miri for half a year. When I looked back, my heart is filled with gratitude. I look up and give thanks to my Father in heaven. Before I was here, I didn’t know what was awaiting ahead. I grabbed God’s promises as I believed that He opened a door for me and I entered with faith. Although there are unhappiness and bitterness throughout this half a year, His grace is sufficient.

Looking back, I vividly see what God has done. He prepared a job for me which I am quite happy with. Working in an international organization is an eye opener. I learn to adapt myself to the different culture and value from different races throughout the world. Not to mention, the new job provides me a key to the gate of knowledge. I have a better chance to upgrade myself in both teaching and research. Its challenging! Thank God for the new job.

My fiancé has found a job right after he finished his project. He is working with an international company. He likes the job as well as its challenging too. Thank God for His arrangement.

When my fiancé and I was discussing about where to attend a pre-marital counseling course, God sent Pastor Law. He volunteered to be our counselor although we don’t know him before. One of my best friends told me that I am so blessed to have such a good counselor. I look up and whisper to God, thank you.

God’s blessings are countless. Therefore:不远看将来,不挂虑前面的每一步,不自己选择自己的路程,不把理想的重担背在背上,只是安静的一步一步紧跟随主

Sunday, January 6, 2008

An Encounter with Vios

Last night, I was driving my new car alone. Its an auto car and its raining heavily!! Since I had been driving manual car all this while, I was trembling when driving the new auto car. Maybe I am too use to be a passenger not a driver. Along the journey back which took about 20 minutes, I still put my hand on the gear, trying to change gear. I still used both of my legs, one of brake, the other on accelerator pedal (I used to put my foot on clutch). I kept praying that both my car and I will reach home save and sound. huu....God answered my prayer.
Anyway, I think I will be doing well after some times. I have to master my fear of driving an auto car. JIA YOU!!


爱一个人, 要了解也要开解, 要认错也要改错, 要道歉也要道谢, 要体贴也要体谅.
爱一个人, 要接受而不是忍受, 是宽容而不是纵容, 是支持而不是支配, 是慰问而不是疑问, 是倾诉而不是控诉, 是难忘而不是遗忘.
爱一个人, 可以浪漫但不要浪费.
爱一个人, 不要随便牵手, 更不要随便放手.